Here at The East London Cheese Board we specialise in the best of British cheeses, especially those from smaller, hard to find dairies. We also stock cheeses from France, Spain, Italy and more, but our focus is very much on the finest cheeses that Britain has to offer. From raw milk Suffolk bries, to truffled Camemberts from Cornwall to silky ewe's milk blues from Scotland, we have them all and more for you to conveniently buy online. We also love putting together custom cheese selections and have a few to choose from but also welcome requests for bespoke cheese hampers.

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Cave Aged Cheddar

Cave Aged Cheddar

Really tangy, delicious, cheddar cheese, matured for 12 months in Gough's Caves in Cheddar, Somerset. Once this cheese gets a hold of your tastebuds it won't let go.

From £6.50

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We're more than just a website and online cheese shop! If you're in the area pop in to our shop and cafe, Froth & Rind in Walthamstow, London and say hi. As well as cheese we serve great coffee, cakes and pastries and our world famous cheese toasties.

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How to store cheese

You've bought some delicious cheese but can't eat it straight away. How do you store it at home so that it's in perfect condition when it comes to eating it?

Another cheese joke

This is quite a long joke and not 100% cheese based, but there's enough cheesiness to make it relevant so we thought it worth a mention and as it's so long, give it a page of its own.