Oxford Isis

Oxford Isis cheese

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Oxford Isis soft cheeseOxford Isis cheese

Oxford Isis is a sticky, strong washed-rind cheese made in Oxfordshire. Named after an alternative name for the River Thames where it flows from the Cotswalds to Oxfordshire, Oxford Isis is washed regularly in honey mead, which gives it a sticky rind and pungent aroma.

A full fat, creamy soft cheese, production of Oxford Isis only began in 2003 but it quickly became a very popular cheese, despite the lack of extensive marketing. It can be found in many of the finest cheese shops and restaurants in the UK and is well worth a try. Lovers of the French classic Epoisses will enjoy this cheese as a British made alternative and may even prefer it.

Pairs well with floral white wines such as Guwurtztraminer and strong beers such as Barbar, the Begian honey beer. You won't forget the first time you try Oxford Isis, in fact it's still a talking point in the shop!

This cheese is suitable for vegetarians.

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