Welsh Cheese Selection

We've put together this selection of fantastic Welsh cheeses.




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As Britain continues to produce more and more fantastic cheeses, we're putting together selections to represent the best of British cheeses. In this case we've put together a Welsh cheese hamper to represent what we think are some of the best Welsh cheeses available. We thoroughly enjoy these cheeses and think that you will too.

Black Bomber - a wonderfully creamy, extra mature, Welsh Cheddar that often gets overlooked by some of the more famous Somerset Cheddar but is right up there in taste and quality. Sealed in wax, giving a wonderful creamy texture to complement the full, tangy cheddar flavour.

Perl Las - meaning 'blue pearl' in Welsh, this is a beautifully salty, sweet organic blue cheese. Wonderful depth of flavour and delightful contrast of blue and cream colours of the cheese make this a blue that's hard to beat.

Perl Wen - the sister cheese of Perl Las, Perl Wen is a beautifully creamy, brie like cheese. Also organic, Perl Wen has a wonderful flavour profile that can be enjoyed by everyone.

Gorwydd Caerphilly - We like to interchange Ducketts Caerphilly and Gorwydd Caerphilly as they are both wonderful examples of Caerphilly, although quite different. Gorwydd is smooth and creamy, with a full flavour which grows on the palate. 

We'll also add a box of our favourite crackers for your enjoyment.

This is but a taste of the wonderful Welsh cheeses that are available, but these are some of our favourites.


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