Minger is a silky soft, strong Scottish cheese with superb flavour and fantastic name.




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What a cheese!

Made by Highland Fine Cheeses in Tain, Scotland, Minger is a soft washed rind cheese with a mildly pungent aroma that you'd expect from this type of cheese. The texture is soft and silky with a satisfying ooze when the cheese is cut, giving way to a strong, yet not aggressive flavour. There's a hint of mushroom, in the cheese, wrapped in a lovely earthy rind, which has the lovely orange colour typical of a washed rind cheese.

Highland Fine Cheeses are run by the Stone family, who have been making cheese since the 1950's and as well as the wonderful Minger, they also make Crowdie, Caboc, Strathdon Blue, Morangie Brie and a few other equally delicious cheeses. All their cheeses use vegetarian rennet and are made with pasteurised milk from three farms.

Minger is the latest of their many cheeses and was quick to attract some controversy, with a few stockists objecting to the name and hoping to have it changed. So far the name remains and we hope it always does. When a cheese is this good, who cares what it's called! We love the light, silky texture of Minger and love eating it with light, buttermilk crackers and washing it down with a fruity red or zingy cider.

Main image by Spoonful of Happy Photography