Scottish Cheese

  • 24 April 2023

With our owner being Scottish, it's strange that we haven't stocked more Scottish cheese before, but that is about to change. We've teamed up with Scottish Cheesemongers IJ Mellis to bring more Scottish cheese to your door. We've found it difficult to get great Scottish cheese outside of Scotland, so we're going to try and make it easier for everyone.

From the distinctive Hebridean Blue from the Isle of Mull, the wonderfully named Minger, to the classic Scottish cheddar of St Andrews, we'll be bringing you a great mix of Scottish cheese for you to try,

The climate in Scotland adds to the diversity of British cheese, as the weather is more changeable, quite often the cows, sheep, etc. are fed differently than they would be in South-West England or the East coast and as a result, the milk produced is a little different and this is transferred to the cheese. This is one of the reasons why Scottish cheddars are a little more sharp and tangy than their Somerset counterparts.

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