New mums cheese selection

Missed cheese during pregnancy? Indulge yourself with this selection of cheese you've not been allowed.




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The NHS recommends that if you're pregnant you should avoid mould-ripened soft cheese such as Brie and Camembert, as well as mould-ripened goats cheese. In short, any soft cheese with a white rind should be avoided, although they are safe to eat if they've been cooked.

Soft blue cheeses such as Gorgonzola and Roquefort should also be avoided, although again they are safe to eat if cooked.

All hard cheeses are safe to eat whether the milk is unpasteurised or pasteurised.

This cheese selection for new mums contains the following:

Baron Bigod, a delicious unpasteurised Brie from Suffolk. Soft, creamy and utterly delicious, this is a great cheese to start with if you've been avoiding soft cheeses for 9 months.

Vintage Lincolnshire Poacher, an unpasteurised cheddar style cheese from Lincolnshire. While unpasteurised hard cheese is considered safe to eat, many people prefer to avoid it during pregnancy so we thought we'd include it here just in case. A cheese selection should always have a delicious hard cheese anyway!

Perl Las, a Welsh blue cheese that means 'blue pearl' in Welsh. This is a delicious organic blue cheese from West Wales. Soft and slightly sweet with a well balanced blue flavour. If you haven't eaten blue cheese during your pregnancy then this will satisfy any cravings

Carboncino, mixed milk cheese from Italy. Soft and gooey and made from cow, sheep and goats milk, Carboncino is one of our most popular dishes and we can't imagine having to do without it for 9 months. 

We'll also add in a box of our favourite crackers and some chutney to help you celebrate the new arrival.




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