Tunworth cheese

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One of Britain's finest cheeses, Tunworth is a delicious creamy camembert style cheese. Made in Herriard, Hampshire by Hampshire Cheese and described by Raymond Blanc as "the best Camembert in the world", Tunworth takes the traditional Camembert recipe and makes it better.

Made entirely by hand, Tunworth is a soft cheese with a silky, wrinkled rind that contains a sweet, nutty tasting cheese with earthy, mushroomy notes on the nose. 

Great on a cheeseboard, wonderful baked, but also a great cheese to use in the kitchen, from melting over boiled potatoes, to quiches and tarts, Tunworth adds a fantastic dimension to many dishes.

We like to take it up a notch and add a layer of truffle to the middle of our Tunworth to give a delicious and flavoursome Truffled Tunworth.

Region/CountryHampshire, England


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