We have a carefully selected range of crackers, pickles, jams and chutneys to compliment your choice of cheeses perfectly.


Arran Oatcakes

Delicious traditional oatcakes with texture that's perfect for having with cheese.


Gluten-free water crackers

Gluten-free water crackers

Tasty gluten-free water crackers for cheese. Made with maize flour, soya bran & tapioca.


Luxury cheese hamper online

Luxury Cheese Selection

We have put together a luxurious cheese selection with some of the best cheese and accompaniments we could get our hands on.


Millers Ale crackers

MIllers Ale Crackers

Made with hops, wheat, barley and malt this is the perfect cracker for beer and cheese lovers.


Millers Damsels buttermilk wafers

MIllers Damsels Buttermilk Wafers

Delicious light wafers which work with most cheeses.


Millers Damsels Charcoal Crackers

Millers Damsels Charcoal Crackers

Delicious charcoal crackers for enjoying with cheese


Millers Elements fire crackers

Millers Fire Crackers

Crackers for cheese with a hint of chilli


onion chutney

Onion Chutney

Delicious caramalised onion chutney with a subtle sweetness. One of the best onion chutneys we've tasted.


Crunchy and tangy piccalilli


Delicious tangy and crunchy piccalilli.


Pickled onions

Pickled Onions

Best pickled onions ever! Sweet and satisfyingly spicy and packed with flavour


Quince fruit for cheese


Quince is a great fruit for cheese, going especially well with hard sheeps cheese.