Onion Chutney

Delicious caramalised onion chutney with a subtle sweetness. One of the best onion chutneys we've tasted.




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This is the best onion chutney we've found. Luxuriously silky with a subtle sweetness that complements the onion perfectly, this is great with cheddars and other hard British territorial cheeses. 

A good chutney is a key component in a good Ploughman's Lunch and we find this one hard to beat. While many onion chutneys can be overly sweet or often a little too caramelised, this one finds the perfect balance between savoury and sweet. It's packed full of flavour so a little goes a long way and really lifts your Ploughman's to another level. We wouldn't stop there though. It can be used in a toastie, as an accompaniment on a cheeseboard or stirred into a stew to give it a lift.

We use it for mature cheddar and onion chutney toasties in our London shop and it's easily our best selling toastie.