Cornish Mature Gouda

Award winning Cornish Mature Gouda is aged 10-12 months for a complex flavour, yet moist texture.




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Cornish Mature Gouda is a fantastic British version of the Dutch classic. Aged 10-12 months, this Gouda has a rich and complex flavour but still manages to retain enough moisture for a smooth, creamy texture with the added crunch from the crystals which form after 8 months.

Made in Lanreath, Cornwall, Cornish Gouda is a very deserving award winner and once you've tasted it you'll see why. It's another fantastic addition to the numerous superb cheeses now being produced in Cornwall.

This is a really addictive cheese as the caramel and butterscotch flavours keep you coming back for more. We like to pair it with strong Belgian beers but there are a few craft beers in the UK that work well, such as Downtown Charlie Brown, Common Grounds and Smog Rocket. The new 'Nightliner' but Signature Brew and Curved Brick Roastery is also a good companion as the sweet coffee flavours work well with the caramel flavours of the cheese.


Region/CountryCornwall, United Kingdom


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