Cornish Yarg

Cornish Yarg is an immensely popular, mild and creamy hard cheese from Cornwall.



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Cornish Yarg is a a distinctive hard cheese from Cornwall. The rind of nettle leaves contains a hard but creamy cheese that's not too far away from a Wensleydale. Yarg takes it's name from Alan and Jenny Gray, who started making Yarg (Gray backwards) near Bodmin Moor in the early 80's.

A very popular cheese, partially because of the distinctive name (we think) and the smooth flavour appealing to all tastes and ages. With the nettle rind it's also a very attractive cheese and works well on a cheeseboard. It's also a good addition to a toastie, jacket potato or anything else that requires melted cheese as it has a low melting point. Very versatile and can work with most wines and ales.

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Region/CountryCornwall, England


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