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Minger cheese

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Minger cheeseRenegade Monk smelly cheese

It's not to everyone's taste but there's something alluring about a smelly cheese, capturing the interest of those young and old. Whether it makes you salivate with pleasure or run and hide, with the pungency bringing tears to your eyes, we're all a bit curious about a good old smelly cheese.

We've picked a few out that we particularly enjoy and they're all British, with British cheeses not being historically famous for their pungency.


A relatively new Scottish cheese with a wonderful name. Soft and creamy, but with a stronger pungent rind and lingering aftertaste, Minger is a firm favourite both online and in our shop. We have to keep increasing our order to keep up with demand.

Renegade Monk

A new cheese in our product line but rapidly establishing itself as a favourite. Washed in ale and with a hint of blue, this is full on smelly, with a protective wrapper to keep that aroma under control until you're ready to eat it.


Another Scottish cheese, but not as soft as it's cheesey counterparts on here. Washed in a solution containing 10 year old single malt whisky to really crank up the smell, this is a unique cheese with the whisky bringing a slight smokiness to the rind and really working the flavour up to its full potential.

Oxford Isis

Hailing from Oxfordshire, Oxford Isis is washed in honey mead is it matures and this brings out a real sticky, pungent rind which imparts a lot of flavour into the creamy cheese within. Not dissimilar to the French Epoisses cheese, but perhaps a little sweeter.

We'll add a box of our favourite crackers to help with the cheese enjoyment.

This is a great gift for a cheese lover, but they might need to open a window or too when they eat it!

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