Somerset Solstice (formerly Goddess)

Somerset Solstice cheese

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Goddess cheeseSomerset Solstice cheese

Made with the milk of Guernsey cows, Somerset Solstice is a fabulous and innovative cheese collaboration between Blur bassist Alex James and White Lake Cheeses of Somerset. Formerly called Goddess, it is has been rebranded to Somerset Solstice and is no longer part of the Alex James Presents... range. The cheese is washed in Somerset cider brandy which gives a lovely pungency and rich, golden colour to the rind. Within the rind the cheese has a lovely fudgy texture reminiscent of Langres and a fully buttery flavour.

This is a multiple award winning cheese, winning Reserve Champion, Best Semi-soft Cheese, and a Gold Medal at the 2015 British Cheese Awards.

Very versatile when it comes to pairings. Cider is a good choice due to the flavours brought out by washing, but white wines and hoppy beers also work very well with this cheese.

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