A chat with Claire Burt of Burts Cheeses

  • 21 May 2017

Claire Burt, owner and cheesemaker at Burt's Cheese popped into our London cheese shop and cafe, Froth & Rind, the other week. During her visit we took the opportunity to grill her with some probing questions about cheese, celebs, cheese, jokes and cheese. Here's how the conversation went.

Q: What 5 cheeses would you take with you to a desert island and why? (They can't all be Burt's cheeses)


Kirkham's Lancashire, tastes good as a young cheese and if I'm stuck there for a while matures on to a possibly even better cheese.
Rachel, just because it's so good.
Baron Bigod, tried this last year for the first and think it's a gorgeous cheese.
Vacherin Mont d'Or had some fab holidays in France and they make great cheese so had to choose something French.
And a Burts Blue to remind me of home!

Q: Name 4 celebs you’d share a cheeseboard with and why?


Joe Lycett, watched live at the Apollo again the other night from a while ago, find him very funny.
Peter Sagan, think he's such a character in the peloton and a very talented rider.
Emma Thompson, don't know why really, just always thought she is really engaging.
Father Brian Darcy, he does the "pause for thought" on Chris Evans show, his are always inspiring.

Q: What's your favourite cheese joke?

A: What does a cheese say when they have their picture taken?

Q: Do you eat the rind or not?

A: Depends on the cheese, but most of the time yes.

Q: What's the most unusual place you’ve ever eaten cheese?

A: Most random probably Baby Bel melted into baked beans on a French campsite.

Q: When you eat out do you have the cheeseboard or pudding?

A: Very much depends on the place, think the last time I had a cheeseboard was at the Drift Wood Hotel in Cornwall, it was an interesting selection of cheeses and they had also really thought about the accompaniments.

Q: What would you pair with your wonderful Burts cheeses?

A: Chilled Tawny Port or a Greek sweet wine called Samos.


Burt's Cheese do a delicious creamy blue cheese called Burt's Blue, Drunken Burt, which is washed in cider and DiVine, a Drunken Burt wrapped in vine leaves. They also do a few seasonal cheeses. You can buy a delicious Burt's Blue selection in our online cheese shop.

Burts Cheese selection

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