Isle of Wight Blue cheese

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Isle of Wight Blue was first made in 2006 and since then has gone on to win multiple awards. It is a naturally rinded soft cheese with an initially mild blue flavour. However, as the cheese matures, it packs much more of a punch.

The cheese is covered with beautiful green, blue and grey moulds which add to the character of the cheese, both in flavour and appearance and a whole little cheese looks great on a cheeseboard. Once opened, the cheese is still very pleasing to the eye, with the sporadic blue patches on the creamy, yellow cheese working well together.

This is a cheese that really benefits from some time out of the fridge so allow at least an hour at room temperature before eating. A nice porter or stout is a great accompaniment for this cheese but on some occasions we also like a slightly sweet wine with Isle of Wight Blue.


Region/CountryIsle of Wight, United Kingdom


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