duck and szechuan pepper salami

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British charcuterie is a rapidly growing industry and also one of the most innovative with salami and saucission being made from all types of meat and ingredients. This is one of our favourites, the duck and szechuan pepper salami.

Made in Monmouthshire using free range British duck, traditional breed British pork and Szechuan pepper, this is a delicious but unusual salami. The Szechuan pepper isn't actually a pepper but a seed pod of a Szechuan tree. While not spicy, the 'pepper' is tangy and slightly numbing which creates a rather curious experience on your mouth when eating it. If a lot is consumed then it can really numb your mouth but these salami contain enough to give you a slight tingle. 

We like 'picky' lunches and dinners with salami, cheeses, tomatoes, bread, etc. and if you're looking for cheese or beer to compliment this salami then for cheese we would recommend something creamy like Thom, by Burt's Cheese and for beer it would be Downtown Charlie Brown by Brighton Brewery.

This salami is gluten free

From £4.00