Whole truffled Tunworth

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Whole truffled TunworthTruffling Tunworth chese

Tunworth on its own is a brilliant British Camembert, which is earthy and mushroomy on the nose and sweet and nutty on the tastebuds. Add a touch of black truffle to this and you get something truly spectacular.

We add the truffle ourselves and it's one of our favourite jobs. To do so, we take a Tunworth and slice it in half horizontally. On the bottom half we spread a layer of a Brillat Savarin/black truffle mixture and then replace the top of the cheese. It's ready to go straight away but we like to leave it for a few hours to allow the truffle to really infuse into the cheese.

If you're enjoying a top quality Camembert laced with black truffle then you might as well go all the way and have a glass of champagne to go with it.

Brillat Savarin is a triple cream French soft cheese.

Region/CountryHampshire/Walthamstow, United Kingdom


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