Suffolk Gold semi-hard British cheese

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Suffolk Gold semi-hard British cheeseSuffolk Gold cheese

Suffolk Gold cheese is a semi hard cheese from Creeting St Mary in Suffolk. It's taste is not dissimilar to cheddar although it's a little bit softer plus the high butterfat content from the Guernsey milk give a mild sweetness to the cheese. We detect hints of Caerphilly in there too and the rind is reminiscent of the French semi-hard cheese St Nectaire. An altogether pleasing cheese with it's attractive rind and colour complementing the mix of flavours.

Suffolk Gold is made using milk from the farm's own Guernsey cows, which give a creamy, buttery flavour to the cheese and a rich golden hue. Perfect with oatcakes and an apple. We prefer beer over wine with our cheese and in this case we'd choose a red ale such as Rapture by Magic Rock Brewery.

This cheese is suitable for vegetarians and is safe to eat while pregnant.


Region/CountryUnited Kingdom

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