Rollright cheese

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Rollright cheeseRollright - a British version of ReblechonRollright cheeseRollright cheese

From The Cotswolds, Rollright is a UK version of the popular French classic 'Reblechon' and is already receiving accolades of its own. It was the winner of ‘Supreme Champion’ at the Artisan Cheese Awards in 2016 and winner of ‘Best Soft Cheese’ at the Great British Cheese Awards in 2016.

The cheese is made at King Stone Farm using milk from the farm's own mixed herd, although the most predominant breed is the Brown Swiss cow. In order to produce the finest cheese possible, the milk needs to be high in protein and butterfat which is why the Swiss Brown is used. In addition to this the cow's are milked at a time of their choosing, graze on diverse pastures during the warmer months and are housed inside and fed high quality silage and beans and grains to increase the protein in their diet. All this leads to a superior cheese.

This is a must try for cheese lovers as it's buttery texture and full flavours work perfectly together and while rich and flavoursome are not overpowering. As with most washed-rind cheeses, they have a strong, pungent odour but the flavour is somewhat mellower.

Rollright cheese is a relatively new addition to our product line but is quickly growing in popularity and outselling some of our more established cheeses.

A powerful addition to a cheeseboard, alternatively, it can replace Reblochon in Fondue and also works really well in tartiflette.

Region/CountryOxfordshire, United Kingdom

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