Richard III Wensleydale

Richard III Wensleydale is a perfect example of how a traditional Wensleydale should be.



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We love the Richard III Wensleydale cheese as it's a near perfect example of a traditional Wensleydale. It has a lovely slightly moist texture which means the cheese is not as crumbly as many other Wensleydales and when coupled with the light, milky flavours with a subtle citrusy tang you get an absolutely magnificent cheese.

This Wensleydale is so named because the original dairy was close to the childhood home of Richard III although it has since moved to Richmond.

The whole cheese weighs a little more than 2kg and comes wrapped in cloth like a cheddar and it's always a great pleasure to unwrap one of these delicious cheeses.

It is rumoured that Wallace & Gromit helped to save the production of Wensleydale as it was in danger of dying out in the 1990's and Wensleydale sales reach a pike with each new film that has been released.

Richard III Wensleydale is made with vegetarian rennet and pasteurised milk. It is safe to eat during pregnancy.


Region/CountryYorkshire, England