Rainbow's Gold

Rainbows Gold cheese

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Rainbows Gold cheeseRainbows Gold cheese

Rainbow's Gold is a unique, unpasteurised cheese from Somerset. Made by Phil Rainbow of the Somerset Cheese Company, Rainbows Gold is based on a cheddar recipe but then washed in 'Golden Chalice' ale from Glastonbury, which gives it a softer, stickier texture than a typical cheddar. It has a surprisingly strong flavour with grassy, farmyard notes and a crumbly but melt in the mouth texture that lingers pleasantly.

Our experience of selling it in the shop is always a pleasure. Many of our customers haven't tried it before and have a taste expecting something ordinary and are always pleasantly surprised. Rainbows Gold is without a doubt one of our best sellers and we often have is a the hard cheese of choice on our cheeseboards.

Due to the strong flavours of this cheese we recommend a beer that will stand up to it. 'Madness IPA' by the Wild Beer Co is hoppy enough to handle Rainbows Gold or a strong Belgian style beer such as Troubador Obscura or Troubador Magma will stand up for itself too.

Rainbows Gold is made with unpasteurised milk and vegetarian rennet.

Region/CountrySomerset, England



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