Pennard Ridge Red

Pennard Ridge Red hard goats cheese

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Pennard Ridge RedPennard Ridge Red hard goats cheese

Pennard Ridge Red is a smooth and mellow hard goats cheese from Somerset. The striking orange colour, unusual for a goats cheese, comes from Annatto, a food colouring from the seeds of the achiote tree which is also used to colour cheeses such as Red Leicester. The addition of Annatto doesn't affect the flavour but just gives it a distinctive and attractive colour, a great differentiator from most other goats cheeses which are strikingly white.

Great in a sandwich or toastie with piccalilli but also a useful addition to any cheese board.

Pennard Ridge Red is one of a number of great cheeses from the Somerset Cheese Company with whom we enjoy a great working relationship. It is made with pasteurised milk and suitable for vegetarians.

Region/CountrySomerset, England




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