New British Classics

Cheese is evolving fast in the UK and this hamper showcases some of great new cheeses produced in Britain.




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Britain is now one of the major players in cheese throughout the world with the number of different cheeses being produced in the UK starting to rival France for both number and quality. It's hard to select 4 cheeses out of nearly 800 amazing cheeses but we've done just that. We're not saying that these are the best 4 cheeses in the UK but for a number of reasons we feel this is a selection that will appeal to all.

Cornish Yarg - Cornish Yarg is becoming increasingly famous and more and more cheese is being produced to meet demand, especially from overseas. With it's mellow, light flavours and beautiful, nettle-covered rind, Yarg both looks and tastes wonderful. As a cheesemonger, there's nothing more satisfying than unwrapping a new Cornish Yarg and getting it ready for the cheese counter.

Beauvale - From the makers of Cropwell Bishop Stilton, Beauvale is a wonderful new British blue cheese. Following a cheesemaking process akin to that of Gorgonzola, Beauvale has a soft, almost spreadable consistency and hangs onto the rich, buttery blue flavours we love from Stilton.

Baron Bigod - A simply perfect raw milk farmhouse brie from Bungay, Suffolk and one of the few remaining cheeses of its type left in the world. Beautiful, full on mushroomy flavours when ripe but with a refined finish that's not overpowering. 

Tor - Distinctive goats cheese from Somerset named after Glastonbury Tor. Inside the distinctive pyramid shape the cheese is creamy and light with a perfect balance of nutty and citrus flavours.

We'll include a box of our favourite crackers and some chutney too.