Manchego semi-curado

Wonderful example of classic Manchego cheese. Aged between 3-6 months for sweeter, nutty flavours.



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Manchego is a classic and universally loved cheese from the La Mancha region in Spain and it's consumption has exploded across the globe. This has resulted in a lot of mass produced versions of Manchego that are nowhere near as good as a traditional, artisan Manchego and we've made sure that we stock the best Manchego we can find.

Our Manchego comes from La Oveja Negra Cheeses, a traditional produced from La Mancha. There are a number of things that make their Manchego so special:

They use only organic, unpasteurised milk from original black Manchega sheep.

Their cheese is made with traditional, animal rennet.

Each Manchego is aged naturally and brushed only with olive oil. This is important as many industrial producers use a cheap polymer spray that has a negative effect on the cheese but is more cost effective for them.

These factors contribute to a wonderful cheese packed with silky sweet flavours and a moist, creamy texture. 

This Manchego is 'semi-curado' which means that it's matured for 3-6 months, 'curado' Manchegos can be matured for up to 12 months. The result is a lighter, milder flavour and a cheese with a little more moisture than if it was matured for longer. 

If you prefer a slightly younger cheese then this is one for you.


Region/CountryLa Mancha, Spain


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