Little Wallop goats cheese

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Little Wallop goats cheese both looks and tastes amazing. Wrapped in a vine leaf, the cheese inside is strong, nutty and tangy, in no small part due to being washed in Somerset brandy cider. The vine leaf adds to the look of the cheese, making it a great addition to a cheeseboard.

As the cheese matures it develops a lovely, silky texture that softly oozes once the cheese is cut, so be prepared to eat it quickly so it doesn't pour itself off your cheeseboard!

Little Wallop is part of the 'Alex James Presents...' range and is made by expert cheesemakers, White Lake Cheeses in Somerset.

If looking to pair this cheese with any drinks then a light Somerset cider would work well. A good wine choice would be a chilled Chablis and if you would prefer a beer than we would suggest a nice session IPA such as High Wire by Magic Rock or Neck Oil by Beavertown.

Region/CountrySomerset, United Kingdom


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