Keen's Cheddar

Deliciously fruity and tangy, unpasteurised mature cheddar from Wincanton, Somerset.



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Keen's Cheddar is a deliciously tangy and fruity, unpasteurised cheddar from Moorhayes Farm in Wincanton, Somerset. Matured for at least 12 months it has a nice, mellow depth of flavour that you'd expect from a mature cheddar, finishing with that satisfying tanginess on the tongue.

Keen's uses the raw milk from the farm's own Fresian herd within a day of milking to ensure the very best quality of the milk and therefore the cheese. Such is their obsession with producing the finest traditional farmhouse cheddar, Keen's have joined with Montgomery's and Westcombe (other cheddar makers) to champion the qualities of traditional cheddars in the area.

Great in a Ploughmans or a proper cheese and pickle sandwich with crusty bread as it lovely tanginess of Keen's works well with the acidity of the pickled onions or pickle.

Watch this space as we're looking forward to offering Keen's Extra Mature Cheddar in the very near future.

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Region/CountrySomerset, England


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