French Cheese Selection

We've put together a delicious French cheese selection with some of our favourite French cheeses.




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It's not an easy task putting together a selection of French cheeses that will appeal to most people, but we think we've finally got there. There are so many great tasting cheeses in France that we had to have several tasting sessions, comparing cheeses, seeing what ones were most versatile, accessible, and of course, delicious. We narrowed it down to 4 and here they are:

Fourme d'Ambert - One of France's oldest cheeses and this is a stunning example of a hand-made, artisan French blue cheese. Well balanced blue flavours and a creamy texture, it's hard to beat a blue cheese of this quality.

Langres - It's no secret that this is one of our favourite cheeses. With its wrinkly orange rind, fudgey texture and strong, but not overpowering flavours, Langres is a belter of a cheese. If you feel like pouring a little champagne in the dimple on top then go for it. You wouldn't be the first, or the last we suspect.

Morbier - Morbier is a delicious, mildly pungent washed-rind cheese from Eastern France. With its distinctive layer of ash through the middle, Morbier looks great on a cheese board as well as tasting fantastic.

Petit Valencay - This is a smaller version of Valencay, a chalky and nutty goats cheese in the truncated pyramid form, in which goats cheese is often made. Lovely flavours which grow as the cheese matures.

So there you have it. We hope you enjoy this French cheese box and savour the range of flavours within.

Please note that during the current COVID-19 crisis the cheeses listed above are subject to change due to supply chain problems.


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