Fosse Way Fleece

Fosse Way Fleece

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Fosse Way Fleece is a perfect example of a hard, British ewe's milk cheese. The flavour is subtle, with hints of sweet grass complimented by a nice earthy rind. The texture is firm and slightly yielding to the touch and the combination of the two make for a most enjoyable cheese. It is a good British alternative to Pecorino.

Made by the wonderful Somerset Cheese Company, who are also responsible for Rainbows Gold, Pendragon and Pennard Ridge Red, this is a great cheese for those who cannot eat cow's milk but still want to enjoy a nice hard cheese.

The lightness of this Fosse Way Fleece makes it a great summer cheese, perfect for picnics with crusty bread and a glass of rosé.

This cheese is suitable for vegetarians and is made with pasteurised milk

Region/CountrySomerset, England



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