Cave Aged Cheddar

Really tangy, delicious, cheddar cheese, matured for 12 months in Gough's Caves in Cheddar, Somerset. Once this cheese gets a hold of your tastebuds it won't let go.



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This is a fantastic cheddar cheese and currently the only cheddar made in Cheddar, Somerset, the birthplace of the most famous of British cheeses. Matured in the caves of the famous Cheddar Gorge where a constant, optimum temperature and humidity exist giving the cheese a satisfying tang and a subtle sweetness, especially near the rind. This cheese is matured for at least 12 months, creating a deep, intense flavour and nicely creamy texture.

Once this cheese gets a hold of your tastebuds it doesn't let go easily and hangs on until you've experienced the full range of its flavours. This is great example of a 5 mile cheddar, so called as you're still tasting it 5 miles down the road!

With most cheddars you have a lot of options on how to enjoy it. Ploughmans is always a good choice, as is a cheeseboard with this being the hard cheese in the classic mix of hard, soft, blue and goat/sheep or melted onto anything provides a real rich addition to any dish. I'd really recommend eating the rind on this cheese as it's full of wonderful flavours.

This cave aged cheddar is made with unpasteurised milk and traditional rennet.

Main image by Spoonful of Happy Photography


Region/CountrySomerset, United Kingdom