Burt's Blue Baby

Deliciously smooth and creamy blue cheese from Knutsford, Cheshire.




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Burt's Blue is a delicious soft and creamy blue cheese handmade by Claire Burt in Knutsford, Cheshire. Beautiful to look at and even better to taste this is a firm favourite in the shop and very popular with our customers. This blue has a real salty piquancy that stands it apart from many other blues and also lacks in the harsher, bitter notes quite often associated with blue cheese.

Burt's Blue, and the rest of the Burt's range, is made using pasteurised cow's milk from local Cheshire dairies so the milk doesn't have far to travel limiting the risk of degradation. This is apparent in the cheese as each one is consistent in appearance and quality which can often prove difficult for small cheesemakers.

In December we soak Burt's Blue in port for an indulgent festive treat giving rise to a more 'purpley' coat and port flavours complimenting the blues.

Burt's Blue also comes in a 1kg round which has a slightly different taste profile in that it's a little lighter, but still fabulous. We think this cheese is great on a baguette and it's nearly soft enough to be spreadable and works well with the crusty texture of the bread.


Region/CountryCheshire, England


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