A hard, ewe's milk cheese from Warwickshire with wonderful sweet and nutty flavours and a texture not unlike Parmesan when allowed to mature.




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Berkswell sheeps cheese has been made at Ram Hall Farm, Warwickshire using milk from their own sheep for over 20 years. Influenced by ewes milk cheeses from the Pyrenees and interestingly, Caerphilly, Berkswell has a distinctive appearance with it's shape (thanks to kitchen colanders) and its beautiful brown, crusty rind enclosing the pale white paste within. Such is it's quality and its popularity that it was no surprise when Berkswell won a super gold at the World Cheese Awards.

Matured for up to eight months to allow the sweet and nutty flavours to grow, Berkswell is very versatile and is equally at home on a cheese board as it is grated over potatoes or pasta. Like other ewes milk cheeses such as Manchego and Pecorino, Berkswell can benefit from sweet flavours such as those in honey, peaches or pears. Quince is also a sound option.

Other than the sweet options mentioned above we like to pair Berkswell with rosé wines and slightly sweet wines like Guwurtztraminer or if beer is your preference then a light pale ale is a good option.

Made with unpasteurised milk and traditional rennet. Suitable for those who can't have cows milk.


Region/CountryWarwickshire, England
WeightMinimum 220g


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