Washed-Rind Cheeses

If you like a smelly cheese, chances are it's a washed rind cheese as this type is famous for its pungency.

Warming Winter Cheeses

When it's cold outside, there's nothing better than a strong cheese to blow the chills away.

Cheese Wedding Cakes

Cheese wedding cakes are an area of our business that's growing and growing as more and more people move away from traditional cheese cakes and prefer a tower of cheese for their wedding.

Classic Cheese: Stinking Bishop

Stinking Bishop, a strong, soft cheese is a modern day classic. Famous for its name as much as its flavour, this relatively new cheese has earned it's place on our classic cheese list.

Classic Cheese: Cheddar

The first of our "Classic Cheese" series of articles. We take an in-depth look at Cheddar paying particular attention to history, process and types of Cheddar

Buying cheese online? Can online service be as good as a traditional cheesemonger?

You're thinking of buying cheese online but you're not sure whether you should or not. We'll take you through the best way to buy cheese online to ensure the service you receive is as close to that of a traditional cheesemonger as possible.

A chat with Jonny Crickmore, maker of Baron Bigod

Next in our series of chats with cheesemakers is Jonny Crickmore, the maker of shop favourite Baron Bigod, a delicious raw milk farmhouse brie.

Seasonality of cheese

Not many people see cheese as a seasonal product but in its own way it's as much a seasonal product as fruit or vegetables.

Pasteurised or Unpasteurised?

Is cheese made with unpasteurised milk better? Is pasteurised milk safer? We have a balanced discussion and give our viewpoint.

A chat with Iona of Ribblesdale Cheese

Ribblesdale Cheese produce some of our favourite sheep and goat cheeses and we were lucky enough to have Iona pop in for a chat recently. There was lots of cheesey talk and we asked a few probing questions...

The Ultimate Cheeseboard - Our cheesemongers choose their favourites.

We set each of our cheesemongers the challenge of choosing their ultimate cheeseboard, 4 cheeses that they would select above all others to have on their board. When you think of all the amazing cheeses to choose from it's quite a challenge but they've managed to whittle it down to 4 each.

A chat with Claire Burt of Burts Cheeses

We were lucky enough to have Claire Burt of Burt's Cheese pop into our London cheese shop for a chat the other week. The conversation got very cheesey.

This weeks most popular cheeses - updated

We've updated our most popular cheeses list and there are a few new entries and a new leader!

This weeks most popular cheeses - 10th May 2017

Everybody loves a top ten list, so we've put together this weeks ten most popular cheeses. It's taken a very complex algorithm ingesting data from website sales, shop sales, customer feedback and our own tastebuds to produce this list of our top ten cheeses this week.

Our favourite cheese jokes

We love a good cheese joke and here are a few of our favourites. If you have any you'd like to add then please add them to the comments section below. If there's any we haven't heard before we may be able to send a little prize.

Brilliant Blue Cheese

We talk about blue cheese, the wide variety of blue cheese available and how best to introduce yourself to blue cheese if it's not your favourite type of cheese. We suggest three of our favourites as an easy introduction into blue cheese that we don't think you'll be able to resist once you've started.

Why we love Langres

We talk about Langres, one of our favourite washed-rind cheeses