At our London shop, Froth & Rind, we regularly supply cheese for weddings in both buffet form, or more and more as 'cheese wedding cakes'. A cheese wedding cake or tower consists of a tower of cheeses of decreasing diameter from base to top, decorated with flowers, fruit, nuts, foliage or whatever the bride and groom desire. We really enjoy putting them together as it allows us to get a little bit creative and build something that both looks and tastes amazing.

We cater for all sizes producing cheese buffets for 30 people right up to cheese wedding cakes for over 250 people and we work closely with you or your planner throughout the whole process to ensure that you get the right cheeses and the right amount for you and your guests.

We can send wedding cheese for buffets or towers anywhere in the UK, but for a wedding cheese cake that requires assembly we can only create those in the London area. If you're interested in wedding cheese then drop us an email, pop into our London cheese shop, Froth and Rind or visit the shop website for your wedding cheese cake needs.

Here are a few examples of cheese wedding cakes we've created:

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