Another cheese joke

  • 8 June 2017

This is a long joke, but worth staying with until the end. We've also set it in with our London cheese shop, Froth & Rind, for added relevancy as we serve up a load of toasties each day. So have a read and leave a comment if you find it funny (or not). We also have more cheese jokes in a separate post.

A rabbit hopped into Froth & Rind last Monday and ordered a flat white and a Cheddar & onion chutney toastie. Mark & Fras were a bit taken aback, but the rabbit was very polite and had the money to pay for it, so Mark said "dude, take a seat and we'll bring it over for you dude.", and served him his coffee and toastie. The rabbit ate it all, nodded goodbye and left.

The next day the rabbit returned and ordered an Emmental & chorizo toastie, (also known as the Roger Cheddarer) to go with his flat white. Less surprised but no less impressed, Mark & Fras duly served the coffee and toastie, which just like the day before, the rabbit ate it all and hopped off when he was done.

The day after that, the rabbit returned again and this time ordered the Raclette & Serrano ham toastie along with a flat white. Fras asked if he wanted any chutney on the side but the rabbit couldn't understand his Scottish accent, so after a small but awkward silence, the rabbit sat down and a few minutes later was served his coffee and toastie. Once again the rabbit ate it all, (as expected because it's so good!) said his goodbyes and left.

Thursday came around and like clockwork the rabbit hopped into Froth and Rind, ordered "The Sinatra", a new and delicious toastie with pastrami, gherkins, mustard and Swiss cheese ;), a flat white and took his usual seat. Toastie served. Toastie consumed. Goodbye nod. Rabbit gone. 

Friday was different though. The rabbit barely managed to hop in. It made its way to the counter in slow, lethargic hops, bloodshot eyes, and in a thin, raspy voice ordered a flat white. "Dude, what's up dude?", asked Mark. "Aye, ye urnae lookin well at aw", said Fras. "I'm really ill", said the rabbit in a barely audible whisper, "I think I'm dying". "No way dude", said Mark, "What are you dying of?"




The rabbit replied, "Mixing-me-toasties".


Yes it's a bit cheesey and we're proud of that. Don't forget, feel free to add any of your own cheesey jokes in the comments. If this has put you on the mood for some cheese then our online cheese shop has some wonderful British cheese.

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